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ACAMIC Melamine Sponge Co. Ltd. is one of the most reputed manufacturers of melamine sponge products. Since our factory is located just 5 km away from the supplier of raw melamine foam in china, we assure fast and reliable shipping at low prices. We take pride in transferring these advantages to our customers and this is the most important reason that has made us the first choice for our customers.

We are an authorized melamine foam convertor for cleaning sponge applications and offer a number of cleaning solutions.

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What is melamine sponge?

Melamine sponge is a flexible and open end foam made from melamine resin which is a thermostat polymer. The most important feature of this sponge is its three dimensional network structure which consists of slender and shaped filaments.


What is the difference between Germany made and China made melamine sponge?

A number of consumers have noticed that the supplier on their sponge has declared that their sponge are made from foam made in Germany with apparent better quality than the one made from foam made in China. But is it actually a fact?