Frequent Questions

We are an industry leader with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing eraser sponges and all kinds of melamine foam cleaning products. Just feel free to ask any questions.

Welcome for any questions

“We are answering various questions from our customers every day. We believe answering questions fastly, straightly, accurately and patiently is an important way to show our professionalism.”

Questions about working with ACAMIC

Do you supply members of the public?
No, we are a business-to-business company (B2B). We only deal with companies, and do not sell direct to the public.
What payment terms can you accept?
We can accept payment by both T/T (30% deposit and balance paid before shipping) and L/C at sight. For amount less than 1000 dollars, we can also accept payment by Paypal or Westunion. We will put the payment instructions in our proforma invoice.
Can you ship to our warehouse?
For samples which will be sent by courier or post, yes.

For mass production products which will be shipped by sea or by air, no. We only work on Fob, CFR or CIF terms.

Do you provide free samples?
Yes. We will provide free samples unless you ask for too many. But it is customers’ obligation to pay for the freight.
Can I vist your factory?
Yes, you would be very welcome. Please contact us in advance, so we are informed of your visit.
Can I sell your products exclusively in our Country?
If you are going to distribute the products under ACAMIC brands, yes we are happy to talk about exclusively sales agreement as long as you can take enough quantities in stipulated time.

Beyond that, we will not make any exclusively sales promise.

Sensative questions

Can you share information about your raw melamine foam supplier?
No. Suppliers’ information are a part of our business secret.
What is your opinion about your competitor xxx company?
We believe every supplier has its advantages & disadvantages and to speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.
Can I pay after receiving the goods?
For new customers, no.

For regular customers with good credit, we will review the possibilty with Sinosure (China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation), and will make decision upon their investigation.

Basic information about melamine sponge

What is melamine sponge?
Melamine sponge is made of melamine foam, a flexible and open-cell foam which is made from melamine resin – a thermostat polymer. The most characteristic feature of melamine foam is its three dimensional network structure which consists of slender and therefore flexible plastic filaments.
How does it work?
To understand the amazing cleaning capabilities of melamine sponges, we have to take a closer look at the special properties of melamine resin foam. Melamine resin becomes as hard as glass on curing. In other words, the sponge acts like extremely fine sandpaper and erases the dirt particles from the surface. Even after all this hardness, melamine sponge still manage to remain soft and supple because of the fine structure of the foam created by foaming the resin.

Open cell foams have interconnected air chambers. In the case of melamine foam, only the cell strands formed when several cavities impinge on each other remain. What looks under the electron microscope like foam on bath water is actually a finely structured three-dimensional network consisting of extremely slender and therefore flexible plastic filaments. The large, almost freely accessible surface produced by this airy structure binds the abraded particles of dirt and contributes to the eraser’s astounding grime-removing capabilities.

Melamine sponges can be used on a variety of surfaces such as tiles, ceramic stovetops, ceramics, doors, leather seats and automobile wheel rims. All these surfaces can be cleaned by simply moistening the foam with plain water and without adding detergent. A melamine sponge has the ability to remove even the worst of stains and dirt. However, avoid using this magic cleaner on surfaces that are prone to scratching.

Is it safe for health?
The ingredients used in making the melamine sponges have been safely and commonly used for many years in a wide range of household products. You can use the sponges with full confidence in its safety for you and members of your family.

Apart from it, ACAMIC melamine sponge has successfully passed the SGS tests and ensures that it complies with RoHS 2002/95/EC and all its subsequent amendments.

Melamine sponge is considered non-toxic, but as with all other sponge products, it may cause gastrointestinal problems when swallowed. Therefore, we do advise to keep this product out of the reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

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