ACAMIC is a trusted manufacturer and private label supplier of only the highest quality melamine cleaning sponges of over 10 years experience.

We believe in making a difference

“ACAMIC has maintained its reputation for excellence in melamine sponge fabrication industry since 2009. Everything we do is for our clients and their success.”

Our sponge factory gets the advantage of detailed investigations in the matters of locations, costs, logistics, machines etc. This allows us to offer unparalleled advantage over our competitors in offering high quality products, low shipping time and effective sales services and that too at best prices in the melamine sponge fabrication industry which eventually set us apart from the competition.


1. Want to have your own shape and size?
2. Want a multi-layer sponge made by gluing other materials to melamine foam?
3. Want to do a similar product as which appears in the market ?
4. Want to have your own idea package?

We offer complete flexibility.


The variants of sponges depends on the machinery that made them. In our state of the art Shanghai facility, we have full range of foam converting machinery including cutting & slicing, die cutting & CNC cutting, hot compressing & embossing, and laminating machines, which assure the best flexibility in sizes, shapes, densities, structures.

To complement our range of sponge products, we keep stock for cellulose foam, polyurethane foam, scrubbers, chamois cloths, velcro cloths and much more other materials to use together with the melamine foam to offer customers many kinds of multi-layer laminations – not just the mere melamine sponge block.

Our brother company Daspak, a professional packaging materials supplier, works closely with us to fullfil all your packaging requirements.


1. Want your eraser sponges compare to the quality of famous brands?
2. Met sponges made of inferior & leftover melamine foam before?
3. Not pleased with your present supplier’s quality?
4. Looking to buy from China but worry about the made-in-china quality?

We offer the highest quality in China.


Melamine foam – the key material to make melamine eraser sponges, is a product which requires extremely precise control on each segment of production process. Until now there are only 5 manufacturers having the ability to produce this product. However, do all of them supply the same quality foam? According to our standard, the answer is NO. And ACAMIC only uses the best Grade A material from the best supplier. This ensures that our customers get the same level of quality every time they order and puts us at par with other top brands like Mr. Clean ®, Scotch-Brite ® etc.


Sponge processing industry is an industry with low margin & low threshold; most of the suppliers in this industry in China are middle and small-sized enterprises with poor quality awareness & imperfect quality control system.

However, ACAMIC is one of the exceptions.

From our point of view, quality relates closely to company’s market pursue. ACAMIC aims to enter global market and to build international reputation, so quality control has been always specially taken into account. Beside raw melamine foam, most of the important raw materials we use are from well-known factories of the industry, part of which are imported directly from abroad. (For example we only use the cellulose foam from 3M in USA and Spontex in France.) During the mass production, our QC staffs will closely supervise the running of each segment and do online inspection strictly according to the requirements on QC manual. In addition, we are working together with several international testing companies, such as SGS, BV, etc, to ensure our products match to the regulations and standards in relative countries. 


1. Attracted by made-in-china prices but worry about the quality?
2. Having the experience buying at very low price with very poor quality?
3. Have you ever been forced to increase the price after you paid the deposit?
4. How to find the favorable & geniue price?

We save costs without sacrifising quality.


Thanks to our serious cost control, ACAMIC is able to provide very competitive prices in the industry. We control costs without sacrifising the quality.

ACAMIC is one of the biggest converter of melamine foam for cleaning sponge applications. We keep a direct relationship with our raw melamine foam supplier and have signed long-standing agreement with them. By purchasing in large quantity, we ensure our raw material costs remain at the lowest level.

It is inevitable that in the processing of melamine sponges, there will be waste in raw materials. In our factory, production is not only made basing on experiences of our plant manager and workers. We arrange production with the guide of carefully-prepared drawings. In this way we avoid the blindness in production and control the raw materials waste at a lower level.

We recognise the importance to enhance productivity, and always strive to optimize equipments and manufacturing process. We make better use of limited resources and achieve more output from current workers and facilities.

Due to the proximity to the raw material suppliers, we don’t need to maintain high stocks and can replenish raw materials quickly. We thus have more flexibility in working on a small scale which gives us the benefit of economies of small scale and reduced costs.

Our packaging materials are supplied by our brother company Daspak. We get the best rates without wasting time in negotiations.


We transfer the benefit of saved costs to the customers by giving them high quality products at lower prices.


1. How long do you expect your goods to be shipped after you place the order?
2. Does your present supplier ship the goods at the time they promise?
3. Tired of endless delay of shipping time?
4. Is the delay of shipping time hurting your business?

We never keep you waiting too long.


You’re making a good buying decision when you go with ACAMIC. We know that when you send us the purchase order, you want to get the products fast! That’s why we ship quickly.

We keep sufficient stocks for all major raw materials. And for regular customers, we keep requisite stock for their packaging materials. These allow us to arrange production without delay.

Our factory runs on 10 hours x 2 shifts per day x 6 days per week. With our highly efficient production lines and equipments we have the ability to process even bulk orders in stipulated time.


1. Are the communications with your present suppliers smooth?
2. Will you prefer to work with a professional supplier in the industry?
3. How long can you wait for the answer when you have a question?
4. Will you expect useful suggestions for your products?

You will like our services.


If you have more than 1 choice, you will definately be apt to work with the supplier who is more professional in the industry; when you have questions or concerns you will expect them to be understood immediately and be replied professionally and fastly.

All our exporting sales staffs have a minimum of 5 years of experience in exporting area with adequate English communication ability. Because most of our customers are in America and Europe, we have adjusted our working time accordingly and make sure customers don’t need to wait long time for an answer.

As one of the ealiest manufacturers of melamine sponge products, we have accumulated abundant experiences in this industry. We know our products, every segment in production, and all possible quality problems better than most of the competitors. You can always expect your questions be replied straigtly and professionally.

From America and Europe we regularly purchase the melamine sponge products under famous brands and test their densities, sizes, stuctures etc.. In this way we have a better understanding about your market and what you will need.

Some of our customers are large multinational companies; through long-term cooperation with them, our awareness of services are substantially increased.


1. What concerns do you have when working with a new supplier?
2. Worry about the safety of your money when proceeding the payment?
3. Worry about the quality, shipping time, …?
4. Worry about when problems happen you can’t get any compensation?

You can fully trust us.


Some customers said buying from China is a kind of adventure. The suppliers are easy to intentionally or un-intentionally make mistakes. It is hard to make sure you receive the goods at the quality you want. And when problems arise, negotiating solutions and compensation agreements with them will be a very tough thing.

We admit that at present this is a fact in China. But not for all Chinese suppliers. ACAMIC is one of the defenders of the reputation of Made-in-China. We keep the satisfaction of customers on our topmost priority. Our quality control is at the highest level in the melamine sponge fabrication industry and we are always ready to give 100% compensation for any loss arising because of our problems.

If you do not want to risk, ACAMIC is a good choice.

Looking for Private Label Melamine Sponges of the Highest Quality?