As a professional manufacturer of magic eraser sponges, we take pride in our flexibility to offer a variety of custom manufacturing & private labeling (OEM) options.

Flexible Melamine Foam Manufacturing Capabilities


ACAMIC is the proud owner of edging technology which comprises of fully and semi-automated machines that can take care of all compressing, gluing, cutting and packaging needs of all business organizations irrespective of the size of the order or the business. ACAMIC has become a trusted name in providing complete melamine foam solutions due to its ability to process and custom packaging and fabricating melamine foam for eraser product production.

Some of the most popular customized solutions available at ACAMIC are:

Original Magic Eraser Sponge

This multi-purpose sponge is highly effective in cleaning almost all surfaces. It has been developed from revolutionary melamine resin foam and needs just water to make the surface sparkling clean. This saves you a lot of cost on expensive cleaners and detergents.

Extra Strength Eraser Sponge

The result of melamine foam which was hot compressed to less thickness & higher density. It is more durable and removes more dirts and grime per swipe. ACAMIC now has the ability to produce up to 5x compressed sponges.

PU & Melamine Composite Sponge

A durable eraser sponge consists of melamine foam and a polyurethane sponge for added durability. An innovative cleaning sponge that easily cleans most surfaces by breaking up and removing trapped dirt and grime.

Scrubby Eraser Pad

A two layer, dual purpose cleaning pad. The eraser side is made of the melamine foam and the anti microbial scrubby side is excellent for those tough to clean surfaces.

Eraser Pad for Machines

This is the perfect pad to clean hard floors and can be used with almost all types of automatic scrubbers, walk behind floor machines and low-speed swing floor machines. So now you can have sparkling clean floors without breaking your back.

Mop Refill Eraser Pad

This is the perfect replacement pad for almost all branded mops and is highly durable. The velcro strips on the bottom of the mop attach to the mop and the floors are ready to shine.

Melamine & Non-woven Composite Cloth

A non woven towel and a sponge all in one! Removes permanent and stubborn stains easily. It is extremely absorbent and can be used for longer time than common magic eraser sponges. Great for the house, the office, the car, the boat, and much more!

S and Free Shaped Sponge

Besides normal square shape, ACAMIC also has the ability to produce S and other customizable free shaped eraser sponges. With our advanced cutting equipments we will exactly provide the shape you want.

Paper Card & Paper Box Pack

ACAMIC is able to offer you the paper box packs with different materials, different thicknesses and different structures. The only 2 box suppliers we are working with both have sufficient advanced machines and are experienced enough to fulfill the highest packaging requirements.

Plastic Bag Pack

By working with a brilliant Japanese-invest plastic bag factory, we are always able to assure you the highest quality packs. ACAMIC is able to do private label products with almost all kinds of the plastic bags in the markets.

Looking for Private Label Melamine Sponges of the Highest Quality?